Progressive Hypocracy

Why won't Nintendo let you be Gay in its new life simulator?

HGTV cancels "Flip it Forward" after allegations stars David and Jason Benham are anti-gay extremists.

Humanist group sues NJ school district over "under God" in Pledge of Allegiance

"Duck Dynasty" family releases statement on A&E's suspension of Phil Robertson, suggests show could be cancelled if not reinstated

"Child-Friendly" Satan Statue for Okla. State Capital awaits final judgement.

If you have been reading the news over the last couple of months, you may have come across these headlines.  If you are not familiar with the stories, click on the links above and read closely.  As a loyal Political Dogma reader, you should be accustomed to reading between the lines since none of these stories are exactly what they seem.

The Progressive Political movement began at the end of the 19th century and continues today.  In the intervening years, it has definitely morphed into what we see demonstrated daily.  You see from a Progressive standpoint, you should do whatever makes you feel good.  Everyone should be "free" to do what they want, when they want and with whomever they want.

What we see today would have been unthinkable 10 or 20 years ago.  So in the interests of projecting what we could see in the future, lets take this to the extreme.  Progressives would have you believe that if you don't support their agenda then you need to be shouted down and painted as an extremist.  We have all heard the story about Nazi Germany.  As groups of people were being persecuted, the rank and file said nothing because they weren't part of the persecuted group.  Over time, after all the other groups had been removed, it was the general populace that suffered.  At this point it was too late and millions died because of their inaction.

From a Progressive standpoint, they all know better than the rest of us.  They are smarter, more enlightened and infinitely wiser than you.  Just ask them, they will openly admit this.  As Vanilla Ice once said "If there was a problem, Yo, I'll solve it".  You see Progressives have never found a problem they didn't think they could solve.  Unfortunately their "solutions" involve creating class, gender, race and socio-economic divides.  They find a way to blame everyone but themselves for failure and take every opportunity to shout down anyone who dares to question them.

I will admit that some of these Progressives are intelligent from a book sense.  I disagree that they offer any solutions.  Increasing my taxes, removing God from my schools and making it easier to become dependent on the "Government" does nothing to build up this country.  

All problems can be traced to legislating behavior.  You can't do it.  Legislating alcohol turned out wonderfully.  We had a tremendous increase in crime and people were still drinking alcohol.  We "legalized" abortion and we have removed millions of lives from the population. The term Pro-Choice seems to imply that such a decision should be no more monumental than choosing what to have for dinner.  If this was truly "Pro-Choice" wouldn't the baby have a choice.  It takes two to create this life, it should involve ALL of the involved parties (mother, father and baby).  Pro-Choice as it's practiced today only involves the mother.

Let me let you in on a little secret.  There is a foolproof way to avoid an unwanted pregnancy.  Come closer, I will whisper it to you.  Here it is.  If your life is too busy, you are too young, or simply don't want children then you have a guaranteed way to avoid having children.  DON'T HAVE SEX.  Simple.  Any other method you choose leaves you with the chance to become a parent.  Of course that would require both the man and the woman to keep their urges at bay and make sensible decisions instead of alcohol or hormonally influenced actions.  See if my method doesn't reduce abortions.

Our Progressive friends think it is okay to remove God from our public schools, courthouses and some cases private businesses.  They often cite the separation of "church and state" clause in the US Constitution.  Here is the link to the US Constitution.  Ask your Progressive friend to point to this clause.  Go ahead.  This is a great party trick (you probably won't be invited back though).  You see the clause is not in the Constitution, Bill of Rights or any other Amendment.  It comes from former Klansman and later US Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black in 1947.  He based it incorrectly as it turns out on a letter written by Thomas Jefferson, written in support of Baptists in Anglican Virginia.  There was not legal precedent, it was a letter.  Written by a US President, but still just an opinion with no legal standing.

I don't believe Satan should sit on the lawn of any state capital or in any public setting whatsoever.  I don't believe our video games are required to encompass every sexual lifestyle choice, creed or belief.  Can't games just be that games.  When you try to escape into virtual reality, that clearly tells me that your real life must be less than satisfying.  HGTV and A&E have the right to employ whomever they want.  Just make those decisions for the right reasons.  Don't cave to pressure from anyone.  The cancelled show was cancelled because some individuals didn't like that private political stance of one of its hosts.  It also wasn't making the network any money yet.  The Duck Dynasty situation was resolved because the show was the highest rated show (think money) on the network.  Nintendo apologized for not including everyone who might crawl out of the woodwork (when are they going to allow avatars to going on a killing spree and get sentenced to death row in the game, it happens in real life doesn't it).

At no time should you presume to mistreat our Progressive friends.  That would be sinking to their level.  Every human being deserves the same consideration to pursue life, liberty and happiness.  EVERYONE.  Not just those who agree with Progressives.  EVERYONE.  While I don't agree with the Progressive philosophy on anything, I still think they have a right to think it. I just don't have an obligation to listen.  I will work tirelessly to show them the error of their thought and in the end some will accept the fallacy of their beliefs and others will not, but we have to try.