What separates you from your neighbor?  I don't mean the size of your house.  Or the size of your bank account.  What really makes you different from everyone else you see on the street every day?

Can't come up with anything?  Then you probably aren't any different from all those other people you see.  You go to work daily, spend time with your family and friends and go to sleep in your home at night.  By all appearances you have the same routine with very few differences each day.  You live for you and your family with very little concern for the needs of others.  You act as though your needs are more important than anyone else, because they are yours.

Admit this to yourself if to no one else.  When you see a line of cars, you make every effort to get to the front as fast as possible.  When eating your favorite meal, you tend to take a little more for yourself since it is YOUR favorite.  If a co-worker needs to make a little less money so that you can make a little bit more, then that is okay and you really don't lose any sleep over it.

We think about ourselves.  First, only and often.  We think about how everything affects us (and sometimes even some others we might care about), but it is a small sub-group of the population. Our current and future needs are foremost in our thoughts at all times.  Our wants and desires are somehow portrayed as needs.

All day, every day.

With no concern for how this affects anyone else.

Because only we matter.

If you are not familiar with Doctor Umanos.  Please follow this link to learn more about recent events.

CURE Hospital Shooting

Now watch this video.

I know.  Pretty amazing.  Do you feel bad about your self-centered mentality?  Great.  Now go change it.  Provide value to someone other than you.  Give up something to offer someone else.  Go ahead.  Soon you will find that even though your general mentality is self, you can receive so much more by helping others.

If you want to help the legacy of Doctor Umanos, go to CURE.org to learn more about the organization he served and the children he helped.  Maybe you can offer a small donation or even your service.  Who knows, you might actually have a legacy of your own some day.